Friday, June 3, 2011

Kep it up

So, I've been keeping up everything from last week, all though no fast. I'm actually really enjoy running in the mornings, I feel so refreshed and ready for the day. I LOVE it! yesterday all I ate was celery, and I swear I'm addicted to the stuff now. I've already eaten 3 30cm stick this morning! Only been able to get to the gym twice this week, but I'm going to a spin class tomorrow so that should be good. I've manage to drop a lot more weight than I did last week yip yip!
Starting weight: 99lbs
first week: 98.5lb
second week: 98.8lb
third week: 97.5lb
fourth week: 94.3lb
total weight lost: 3.2lb
It's not as much as others but I'm to happy to care, this is the least I've ever weighed!


  1. You're doing absolutely amazing, I'm so proud of you! Your strength is truly inspiring. Good luck, and keep it up! (:

  2. CONGRATS!!! I bet you look absolutely incredible!

  3. I LOVE celery. I re-discovered it last week and have been eating about 3 sticks a day, if not more. So good.

    Congrats on the loss, you are soo tiny.