Friday, May 27, 2011

Week 3: Weight In

Just a quick post to document my progress thus far. I've kept up the running, but the gyms open now so I've been pushing myself hard on the rowing machine, and cardio area. I managed to fast for 2 days due to the 40 hour Famine (google if you don't know what that is).
Starting weight:99lbs
Third week weigh in: 97.5lb
total weight lost: 1.5lb
At least I lost weight, and I didn't give into temptation. I'm on my way to being perfect.


  1. Congrats on your fast and on the weight loss! You're doing amazing! Good luck, you're definitely on your way to becoming perfect! (:

  2. Just saying hello from a new follower and I am here if you need me! :) Good job on doing the 40 hour what ever its called nice way to help out! I remember I did it with my friends ages ago and they were complaining all the time and I would jsut think I used to do this all the time I have so mmuch more contol then them it made me feel good, better at something then them!! Anyway hope all is well babe. XO