Thursday, May 19, 2011

Week 2: Weigh in

I was doing really well. i was running twice a day (10 mins in the morning, 20 mins in the evening) I had restricted myself to at most 500cal a day (264 on Wednesday). I did 74 crunches in between ad breaks of TV shows. i was doing calf raises while brushing my teeth. I even attended a hot yoga class with my friend. Then I slipped. My dad doesn't approve of my 'dieting' and his way of dealing with it is to give me the most shittiest food for your body. he offered me a cream bun. You know, white bread, whipped cream, icing sugar, a little raspberry jam and a huge dump of chocolate sauce. GROSS! I felt pressured, he was standing there with it all laid out on a plate, and that stupid smirk on his face. SO I ate it. BIG FUCKING MISTAKE!

But the results are

Starting weight: 99lb

1st weigh in: 98.5lb

Current weight: 98.8lb

Weight lost: -.3lb

Oh well, better luck next week right?


  1. I am so jealous of you, I'm around 107 lbs, wont weigh myself until monday cause I had a bad couple of days,
    I raelly want to be under 100 again

  2. At least you haven't gained over all though hon!
    Well done with all your running, I'm sure it'll pay off nicely in the long run

  3. Congrats on your progress! You're in the beautiful double digits, you're definitely an inspiration.

  4. so jealous of your double digits. keep up the running!