Friday, May 13, 2011

Que the Rocky theme song

So week one of the competition has gone past and I have definitely not done well. All though I have been munching on celery non stop, I haven't been to the gym. Fucking gym owners! Someone had an 'accident' due to faulty machines so the gym is shut for 2 weeks while they inspect all the other machines! FUCK! I just went for a run around the park across the road, but that isn't much of a run. It took me perhaps 10 minutes. Please give me exercises that I can do until the gym opens again.

I've eaten 1,675 calories so far this week, but I'm fairly certain other participants have eaten waaay less than that. I really have to step up my game if I want to win this. I've only lost one quarter of a kg! I don't have any assignments this week, so I can direct all of my focus on losing this weight.



  1. Good job on sticking to celery! Some people say it is a negative calorie food. I hope the machines get inspected soon! You sound very motivated about the competition, I'm sure you can do it. :) Good luck, stay beautiful!

  2. I love running in place and doing youtube workouts.