Saturday, September 17, 2011

The decisions been made

As of next week I am expected to return to school. To walk among judging faces sickens me. I can picture there horrified stares at my skeletal frame. I do not care, of course. But yet I do. Each shocked reaction is a nightmare in my head. I am once again not good enough for society.
I who am left must suffer for my toxic mind.
There is no pain, no sorrow, no suffering, no dihonour I have not sharared. I know I shall have to die of course - living in daily torment as I do. Who would not be glad to die?
If it be soon, so much the better.
My heart is long since dead.I am merely a slim figure walking a pointless existence, sucking the life out any near creature. I feel like some bird blown about by a storm!
But fear not. I shall find the little courage I have left and march into school, with my head held above my neck.

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