Saturday, April 30, 2011

Complete Twist

A couple of days ago i caught my friends boyfriend cheating.

I was at a party. I didn't really know the girl hosting, but my cousin did (we're quite close) and she had no one to go with so I went along. I caught a glimpse of my friends boyfriend (let's call him P) early on, but thought I must be imagining things. As the night went on everyone slowly got more drunk and some high. I stumbled from room to room looking for some place to purge, when I entered the master bedroom by mistake. There was a couple getting quite 'horizontal' and I apologised and nearly left when something caught me eye. P has quite a distinct birthmark on his lower back and this mark was apparent on the males back in the bedroom. I said "P, is that you?" The male turned around, and sure enough it was him. I looked to the female excited to see my friend, but she had been replaced by some blonde bimbo. I left immediately. Just grabbed my cousin and hightailed it out of there.

I knew I had to tell my friend, A. So two days later I went over to her house and explained everything. her being so deeply infatuated with P refused to believe me. I tried and tried to get her to believe me, but she still didn't. In fact she accused me of telling her lies because I still liked him. Yeah, before P and A started dating we both had massive crushes on him. i moved on once they started dating, but things have always been sort of awkward between the three of us as P is a close family friend.

How am i going to get through this!

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