Saturday, November 27, 2010

Switzerland, diets and christmas

I've managed to drop 5kg in the past 3 weeks! I'm stoked.
my friend and her family went on this diet where they cut out all dairy and fats as they are going to Switzerland and don't want to be fat when they return. i said I would do it too so that it would be easier for my friend, little does she know that I really just want to lose 20kg before Christmas.
Speaking of which i am NOT looking forward too. Every year my family and i go up to see family, and my Grandmother cooks SO much food. little mince pies with pumpkin soup to start off with, then two roasted chickens with onion gravy (she uses liquid chicken stock which is pretty mucch all fat) and cooked potatoes, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, yams and steamed vegetables. Then for dessert it's pavalova(like a giant meringue), ice creams, whipped cream and strawberries, and pekan pie. as well as this there are brandy snaps, fizzy drinks, brownies and an assortment of chips to snack on!
I do not know how I will surive.

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