Tuesday, February 1, 2011


So towards the end of january i took a break. A break from stressing about the numbers on the scales, and the calories that pass my lips. Well, I didn't really take a break, i mean there's this thing in my head now causing me to constantly wonder about the food i want to eat.
how many calories are in that? Can I burn it off easily? how long would it take? Does that mean i will have further restrict myself tomorrow? I don't want to stay fat. I can't stay fat. and then i put the food down and walk away, or stuff it in my mouth and don't even enjoy the taste. It's a never ending cycle. but towards the end of January i just shoved the food in my mouth with the breakable promise of I will restrict myself tomorrow lingering in my head.

i have come to realise that one of the reasons that we fall into the eating disorder trap is because we don't fully understand it. There just isn't enough education out there about it. Many think that it's a personal choice to have an eating disorder, but it isn't. it's a mental illness that can affect you throught out your entire life. It's not a switch that you can suddenly switch off, and that's what many don't understand. I myself have not been classified with and eating disorder, but i know from reading your blogs and personal experience how it can cripple you.

recently I saw a nutrionist with a friend -she plays tennis semi-professionally and has lots of trainers and dieticians. her name was Dr. Willis, and she truely opened my eyes to things I'd been missing. i thought to lose weight fast, you ate less and worked out more. All though this is true -kinda- it's much more effective if you do it 'healthily'. She told us that the best diet is one that is high protein, high fibre, and low carb. plus you should work out at least 3 times a week focusing on cardio and muscle building. the best type of protein is lean protein (chicken, fish) and that you should try to have some with every meal. 5-6 little meals a day, eating every two hours will keep your metabolism and energy up, which means that your body will burn fat for longer. Thank you Dr. Willis!

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