Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Walking away

I give up. I give up on M. As much as I like him I can't lose any more sleep over this. I haven't slept in two days, not kidding. My ex and I haven't talked, and I run away from m whenever i see him at school. I can't handle this anymore. I'm breaking down. I just can't deal with the pain and paranoia I'm feeling all the time. Does he like me? no, he definately doesn't. Wow, he just smiled at me in the corridor he doefinately does. He high fived my ex, he cares more about their friendship than he does starting one with me. He remebers my name of course he wnats to start something with me. my ex didn't say hello to me this morning he knows something. It's too much. It's far too much to comprehend. i have to walk away from it all before I lose myself. On the plus side I have finally reached my goal weight! 44kg here I am! But i still want that gap in my thighs, so I am going to concentrate on my thighs from now on, while trying to keep the rest of me in check. Any tips on how to get great thighs?


  1. Ohhh, I wish I knew how to get the thigh gap! Well, I heard that you should avoid high-impact quad exercises like lunges/squats. Endurance running is the best to get rid of the fat and slim down the legs. Don't go for high-intensity interval training or the stairmaster because that'll make your legs bulky.
    That's my best advice. Good luck, darling!

  2. Oh darling i really hope you get hope soon. My best friend died from anorexia.