Wednesday, March 9, 2011


oh Gosh, I am such a terrible blogger! I've been so busy with homewrok, and i'm still so behind!
This week has definately not been a good one.
First I discovered that I've gained back the weight i put off, all due to one weekend of complete binge eating and drinking and not exercising after. So I'm back to square one.
Plus, my friends noticed that i cut. I now have to see the counsellor once a week, and i hate it. I've let my parents down. I've done that too much.
I don't even really know why i cut, I guess it was because it was the one thing I could control.
But now I can't control anything! The worst part is, is that no one understands. Absolutely no one I know, knows what I am going through. Even though I'm getting help, I still feel so alone.
Oh well, from this week onwards I will get back in control of my eating. I ahve to have control over something in my life. Eating and school, that where I shall control. I shall be perfect in those areas.

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