Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Getting back on the horse

So since I posted last I've gotten sick. It's not serious just a harsh cold. But the best part is, is that my throat is to sore to eat. I can't even have a bit of soup without a stinging sensation burst through my throat. it hurst, but I've dropped a couple of kgs over the past three days. About 3 according to the scales. So that leaves me at 44kg, but I have a new goal weight. I want to reach 42 by my birthday this September.
It's along time, but I want to do it right so that I'm perfect. This means I'm cutting out high dairy products, such as full cream milk, and cheese (i never really liked cheese in the first place). I'm also not going to eat any carbs, except for perhaps once a week as apparently they do have some good qualities. Instead of breakfast I shall have a coffee and green tea (this kick starts my metabolism, and prolongs any hungry groans from my stomach). Also I'm having soup instead of a solid lunch. Soup is suppose to keep you fuller for longer, and I have already stocked the cupboards of 99% fat free tomato minotrone soup (76 cal). Then for dinner I shall pile my plate high with vegies, and a small portion of meet. Plus teo glasses of water before dinner. But I am stuck for what to do exercise wise. I know that I should do a mix of cardio and weights, but i don't really know how to put a regime together. Please help? I want to focus on my stomach and inner thighs. Any comments would be greatly appreciated. I love hearing from you all!

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