Friday, March 25, 2011

I'm Unzipped

I'm so sorry. I feel like such a disappointment to you all. I say that i'll do all this exercise and eat less, but I don't. I want to, but the motivation I Had a couple of months ago is gone. i hate feeling like this, and you all make me want to really give it my all. Please help me, i could really use your support right now. My life is a bit shit at the moment, I won't bore you with the details, and i could really use a helping hand even if you're a thousand miles away.
I've never been one to ask for help, I'm more a suffer in silence type of person, but I realise i can't do this on my own anymore. I need someone, anyone to get me back on my feet. I'm broken, and exposed and no one is even looking.
please help


  1. girl, you are BEAUTIFUL as you are, right now. Do not let anything get you down today. Just take a breath and KEEP GOING. You can do it =)

  2. Don't let it get you down that your not motivated you can't be motivated all the time and your definatly not a dissapointment to anyone, I hope your ok, if you need someone to talk to I'm here<3

  3. I've been in the same place you're in so many times. You just need to sit down in a quiet place and think, think, think. Think about what you want out of life, how do you want to treat yourself, what will make you the most happy... You will figure out what you want and you should make a plan of action. Change your life for the better. Make things better. Do this for YOURSELF.
    You will be okay, love.

  4. Oh, sweetheart, I am so sorry for this feeling of yours but I know that feeling sorry is not going to change much. If you need a helping hand, someone to talk to, just let me know on my blog or send me an email: .
    And don't forget: you are so BEAUTIFUL!

    ~ Meg

  5. Floating away right now seems so amazing.
    trust me i know.
    I would totally pay a million bucks for some motavation

    i changed my blog name. long story but my friend saw the webpage on my computer and im worried she will look it up. so its now fatty failing flat instead of fatty falling flat. Big change I know! hope all is well X