Sunday, November 6, 2011

Exercise the Mind

Miss Melody, says writing is good for me. I told her about Skeletal Thoughts and she thought it was simply wonderful that I have a place to write.
Together we formed a list of things I should write about on here, and I'm excited to get started.
The list:
My Bedroom
My parents
My Brother (that'll be tough)
A close friend
My future child
My favourite childhood toy (explain why I abandoned it)
An inspirational woman (I can't actually know her personally)
and finally
Myself as I was on that night.
For some of these I have to compose letters and explain my feelings. Others (like childhood toy) are just an exercise to help me come to grips with with loneliness, and how it's shown from the person who's "abandoning" position. I hope you follow that.
Some I'm quite looking forward to starting, others I want to put off as long as possible.
Which one should I start with first?

1 comment:

  1. Id start with the inspiration woman :D(although can I advise not choosing someone just because of how they look but rather someone who has achieved something you value (ie medical discovery or CEO)