Sunday, January 2, 2011

let me introduce myself, properly

So for all that don't know I am 16 and live in New Zealand (the place where Lord of the Rings was filmed). New Zealand has great pride in itself, but personally, I think it's shit. . As soon as I am of age, I am hightailing it out of this place. I like old school music. Give me Bowie over Miley anyday.Same goes for movies, with the exception of Tim Burton. (I love Edward Scissorhands)
I am currently reading Sweeney Todd, and before that I read Clockwork Orange. i don't intentinally read books about rape, grusome murders and experimental procedures. It's just what's there. next I will read something light, and happy. Got any good books?
Also I have a strange fascination with movies about mental instutions. Girl, interrupted is one of my all time favourite movies. But Shutter Island and One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest are great ones too.
I love jewellery, all though I hardly ever wear any. I'm on the hunt for a good cross necklace. I own a necklace that has an eye for a pendant(not real), and a double finger ring with two birds sitting on it. I think any 'glittery, sparkly' jewellery looks tacky on anyone under 25. So I'm sorry if I offended you because you own any of that kinda stuff.
I am always the one who is picked on. Usually it doesn't bother me, but recently it has. I think after years and years of picking away at my protective shell, they've finally cracked it. here I am all vulnerable and weak. i'll take it as it comes, and go sulk about it later. When it's dark and no one can hear me, I'll cry over what you said to me. I'll think of how I can fix myself, or make myself vanish. But then tomorrow nothing will have changed, and I won't bother to change it. But this year I will.
I will no longer be a wallflower.
I will be thin and beautiful, and you will notice me.


  1. Why is New Zealand shit? I've heard it is beautiful!

    The U.S. is greasy and selfish. Yuck.

    I have that same mental instutuion-related movies fetish. Love girl, interrupted, I need to watch shutter island. A good movie is Session 9.

    Hmm..good books...I don't know. I hit a blank. sorry.

  2. A really good ED book is Wintergirls. A Certain Slant of Light is another one of my favorites, it's sort of a romance novel (but not sappy at all, I promise.) A Great and Terrible Beauty is fantastic as well.
    These all sort of fall in a similar genre, let me know if you want something different, I could talk about books for ages :-)