Friday, December 31, 2010

calorie filled drinks at Tiffanies

So it's summer. As many of you will know summer means revealing clothes, and beaches. i like winter because it gives me a good excuse to pile on the layers of clothes to disguise my body shape. But with summer it's far to hot to do that. I've been asked to go to the beach on Tuesday and I've been pushing my body really hard at the gym to make sure I am half comfortable with my body. I broke down last night. It was New Years Eve and what was I doing? nothing. I tried to make plans, i really did. but what happened? Everyone was busy. I can't blame them really. but it still hurts that no one remembered me, and wanted to include me in their plans. You know what i do in a time like this? I watch Breakfast at Tiffanies. in the movie whenever holly gets 'the reds' she catches a cab and goes to Tiffanies. Whenever I'm down I watch breakfast at Tiffanies. so yesterday at 10 i popped it in, accompanied with a calories loaded drink. milk and champagne spiked with chocolate sauce. I felt so down I didn't even care. But know I'm feeling the guilt and it's horrible.
What a great start to the New Year.


  1. I hope you feel better. Don't worry. My New Year started out poorly too. But it will change. This will be a great year. :)

    I wish it was summer here!
    What country do you live in?


  2. WOw just read your blog - and it really moved me. Your words and feelings are really something i can realate to. I know you said you feel like you are alone and I have to say I've felt that way for a long time too - being young is tough!. How old are you? If you ever need a chat just holla X

  3. by the way my email is if you need to chat, as i kno how it feels to o through this sort of thing alone.