Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ballerinas, Cigarettes and Compliments

I'm thinking of taking up ballet. I just love the way ballerinas look when they dance, and they all have REALLY good postures. Also Natalie Portman lost nearly 20 pounds for her role as a ballerina in The Black Swan. I want to be able to move with grace and have an air of elegance about me. Wouldn't it be wonderful? But I've been told that the training is rather intense, and everyone is striving to be the best and most perfect ballerina. I suppose I don't exactly need the pressure right now, but I do want to be able to leap with perfect poise, and twirl with lethal grace.

Yesterday I had a cigarette. Just one, but it was amazing as I did not feel hungry for hours after. I have heard of people living off cigarettes and coffee to subside their hunger, but the idea never really appealed to me before. I do have a coffee with green tea for breakfast to kick my metabolism and reduce my appetite until about 2pm, but perhaps I should drink coffee more and have the occasional cigarette? I am highly aware of the health risks, but surely one or two a week can't hurt.

Anyway, onto a more lighter note my friend complimented my thighs yesterday. She said "Wow, your thighs are so skinny. I wish mine were like yours." This is amazing because she is a lot thinner than I am and I was having a downer day about my body. It's amazing what a simple compliment can make you feel. Why do people rarely give compliments anymore? I am going to make it my mission to give out 10 compliments a day.
You guys are all beautiful just the way you are, please, believe me when I say I wish I could meet everyone of you and make you smile.(creepy compliment number 1:check)

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  1. Yes, yes, ballet is wonderful! I'm 18 and I started earlier this year! Grace and elegance are all I've ever wanted! It's great and works, too, because I find myself standing in the positions sometimes. It makes me feel so lovely.