Saturday, December 4, 2010

purges, slip ups and the number 3000

So things are going, well, not so good. I've broken my 1,500 calorie-a-day rule. Yesterday my total added up 3000cal. When I saw those numbers on my calculator i cried, I broke down. I was in the kitchen hoping that I would be able to have a small snack, but because of those stupid, small, yet incredibly important numbers i couldn't.
Thankfully i was home alone so no one knows of the tears I shed, and what I had eaten so I was aloud to skip dinner.
But how I managed to slip i do not know. I suppose because the past couple of days I had been going so well it just slipped my mind. But food is the first thing I think about in the morning and the alst thing i think about at night, I sometimes even dream about it.
I really have to focus now, nothing will go unnoticed, and i will have to spend extra time working out to erase those extra calories I consumed.
i do not want to resort to purging. A girl in my year had bulimia and instead of making her thinner, she actually gained weight as she was purging after everymeal, snack, drink. Due to this her body was deprived of all nutrients and when she did eat her body found the first source of nurtients it could find before she purged, which was the sugars and fats.
wow, this has been quite a long post, I better cut off.
bye X

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