Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Never eat in front of friends. Unless dining with friends family, in which case eat small portions.
Rest carbs at all costs.
Do at least a half an hour work out, everyday.
No eating after 7pm.
No more desert.
One day a week you must only eat dinner.
Gym three days a week.
Avoid weiging self, it only makes you feel worthless.
Measure self every two weeks. (waist, thigh, hip, arm)

Goal: To see hip bones by New Years.

Repeat: I WILL be thin. This IS worth it.


  1. Calories from carbohydrates are better than those from fat or proteins - what do you think the level is so high in fruits? Same reason athletes carbo load for energy. Avoid starches, really, but I guess ultimately we all wish to avoid eating. Good luck with your plan.

  2. Good plan. If you stick to it, it'll work. I've done similar plans. You're right. It IS worth it. Never ever forget that!