Monday, December 13, 2010

Certain shades of emotions

I had my hair dyed to day. It didn't go quite the colour i wanted, but i'm still happy with it. It's a reddy brown, that goes more red in certain lights.

I've also only eaten 3 sticks of celery so far today. But my mother is making some form of pasta bake. I like pasta, i really do, but if I want to lose weight I have to be dedicated and pasta will not do. I think I'll make some excuse to get out of dinner, and then I won't have to live with the guilt of that pasta floating through my digestive system, doing nothing except making me bigger.

A while back I talked about joining a ballet class. Well, i looked into a few but they're all closing down for the year. So I'll have to stick to pilates for now until January.
yesterday didn't turn out so bad after all. A couple of girls couldn't show so it ended up being me and two others. We watched the Breakfast Club and Cherrybomb. I love the Breakfast Club, but I'm still undecided about Cherrybomb. It had a weird ending. i managed to get by eating nothing, and once they left i did a couple of crunches.
I found out that 200 crunches burns 100 calories! I think I'll aim to do 400 everyday.

P.S Thank you We Move by intinct Darlings for the promotion! It really helped, and I greatly appreciate it.

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